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Fu’s Subcutaneous Needling (FSN), originated from Chinese traditional acupuncture, is a therapeutic approach for localized diseases, especially for musculoskeletal pain disorders. This procedure is performed by inserting a special trocar needle into the subcutaneous layer around the afflicted spot or nearby limbs to achieve the desired effect. In some cases, FSN could provide immediate and significant relief of the pain in trigger points (TrPs) more effectively than anaesthesia. FSN therapy has the characteristics of minimal pain, no side effects, quick response and wide indications.


Indications of FSN:

Musculoskeletal pain:

Neck pain, chronic headache,

Shoulder pain, tennis elbow, tenosynovitis

Lumbar disc problems, low back pain, sciatice

Knee pain, degenerative osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia


Internal medical & gynaecological disease: 

Facial paralysis, Dysmenorrhea, Prostatitis, Incontinence,

Irregular menstruation, Mammary Gland HyperplasiaInsomnia,

Dry cough, dry eyes,

Gastritis, hiccups, chronic cholecystitis, normal constipation